For YAV Program Participants

What is the housing situation?

Boston YAVs live together in a rented apartment in intentional community. The location of the apartment changes from year to year depending on the number of participants for the year. The apartment is fully furnished. All utilities and rent are paid by the program.

How does the stipend work?

Boston YAVs receive a monthly stipend of $400 at the beginning of each month. This financial support is intended to provide for the YAVs incidental expenses, all transportation, and supplement the grocery budget.

Are Food Stamps/ SNAP a part of the stipend?

Boston YAVs spend the first half of the YAV year eating a regional diet which is supported by a grocery stipend from the program. During the second half of the year, participants apply for and live on SNAP benefits.

Do I need a car?

Some volunteer work placements require a car to get to and from work. Because parking is limited and very expensive in Boston, we ask that participants not bring cars unless they specifically need them for their placements.

What about other transportation?

Volunteers will use Boston public transportation (called the T) to get around the city. This is a network of subway trains and buses that serve the city. Additionally, bikes and helmets are provided by the program for volunteers to use to get around the city.

How will I interact with people in poverty throughout the year?

BFJYAV program sites work with a diverse demographic of people. While all sites include a service component that addresses underprivileged populations,  our focus is on including individuals and communities from all types of backgrounds in order to work toward increased equity on food justice issues.

Do I get to choose my volunteer site?

Site placement decisions are made by the YAV Board. Participant site preferences are taken into account when placements are decided.

How many people will also be volunteers in Boston?

Typically, the Boston site has 3-4 YAVs each year.


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