Food Justice Suggestions for Congregations

Curious about how your congregation can work to address food justice issues?

Here are some helpful recommendations:

1.Feed One Another

  • Serve fair trade coffee, tea, and hot chocolate at coffee hour (Check out how you can purchase fair trade beverages through the Presbyterian Coffee Project, a partnership between the Presbyterian Church (USA) and Equal Exchange)
  • Bake communion bread together at church or purchase communion bread from a local bakery that treats its employees fairly. Use glass communion cups or serve by intinction.
  • Contribute high-quality, nutritious food and local produce to food pantries
  • Serve healthy, fairly-traded and locally-grown (when possible) snacks and meals during coffee hour and potlucks. Consider an all-vegetarian or all-vegan potluck.
  • Reduce paper waste by using reusable dishware and utensils at coffee hour, potlucks and other food-related events.  And reduce food waste by composting food scraps after a community meal.

2. Learn Together

  • Participate in a food-themed book discussion (click here for a list of suggested books)
  • Organize a Bible study examining the relationship between faith and food justice and simple living (click here for suggested Bible studies)
  • Screen a food-themed documentary followed by a discussion (click here for a list of suggested documentaries)
  • Take an educational field trip to a community garden or farm, food pantry, food bank, day shelter, farmer’s market, food co-op or other food-related organization to learn first-hand about food justice issues affecting your local community.

3. Act for Justice 

  • Host a CSA or Farmer’s Market in your community
  • Plant an herb garden or community garden
  • Host a community meal
  • Participate in Bread for the World’s Offering of Letters
  • Advocate for the hungry by writing letters to Congress through Bread for the World’s annual Offering of Letters
  • Help end hunger in Massachusetts by participating in Project Bread’s annual Walk for Hunger
  • Volunteer with an organization addressing food justice issues
  • Take a field trip to a local farmer’s market
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle…and compost!
  • Talk to other churches about what they’re doing
  • In very Presbyterian fashion, create a committee to further explore the issue

4. Host a Boston Food Justice YAV and/or support the BFJYAV Program with your prayers and financial contributions!

How do you or your congregation work to promote food justice? Share your ideas on our Facebook page or email the Site Coordinator at


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